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Deployment Checklist

Use the following checklist to help protect your family’s financial security while you are deployed. This list should assist you in handling your finances prior to your deployment. Financial details of everyday living must be taken care of by someone while you are gone.

  • Checking Accounts – Open a new checking account or add a joint owner to an existing account. Adding a joint simply requires a signature. The member and the new joint owner must sign. With a joint owner, such as a spouse or a parent, you will have someone that will be able to access your account when necessary.
  • Automatic Transfer of Funds – Set up automatic transfers or payments from your checking to accounts at ACU and other financial institutions through online bill pay.
  • Charge Account Transfer Request – Transfer existing credit card balances from other financial institutions to your ACU Visa credit card account to consolidate debt. Transferred balances plus existing credit union balances must not exceed your credit limit. You may apply for a credit limit increase in order to transfer a greater amount.
  • Automatic Credit Card Payment Deduction – You can set up transfers from any one of your ACU accounts in order to make payments on your credit union issued Visa card.
  • Loan Applications – Use these applications to borrow funds or to refinance your higher-interest loans from other financial institutions to ACU. By refinancing, you make all your payments at one place and simplify your bookkeeping.
  • Department of Defense pay information – You can make changes to your pay or obtain information by visiting
  • Family Resource Center – Your family resource center is a provider of workshops, briefings, training checklists and brochures for military personnel and dependents. Information on relocation and employment, and financial and family counseling are also available. The phone number for the family resource center on JBLM is 253.967.9496.
  • Power of Attorney or POA documents – Enables someone other than a member account owner or joint owner to access accounts, as well as conduct other personal business. POA forms are provided through your legal assistance officer. ACU will honor POA terms upon receiving a certified copy of the original document.
  • Other Financial Concerns – Contact your legal assistance officer for details and forms.
  • Your Financial Papers – A family member or a trusted friend should know where financial documents are kept and what financial obligations you have.
  • Medical Power of Attorney – Contact your legal assistance officer. This document allows a third person (such as a grandparent or neighbor) to sign medical treatment consent forms for an injured child when neither parent is available to give consent.
  • Insurance Coverage – Are you adequately insured against disability or loss of life? Update coverage regularly to allow for cost of living increases.
  • Your Will – Everyone should have a will. It arranges for the distribution of your assets in the event of your death. It directs where your money should go and can minimize estate taxes and expenses.

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