Make Online Payments Easier with Visa Checkout

If you are one who likes shopping online, but not all of the hassles when it’s time to pay, we have the answer! Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that can make online payment as fun and easy as online shopping.

You can use it anywhere Visa Checkout is accepted – on the go with your tablet or smartphone, or at home with your computer.

Visa Checkout makes paying online:

  • Simple: Add your ACU Visa® card to enroll. Then pay with Visa Checkout – just look for the Visa Checkout icon!
  • Fast: Skip typing in your card and shipping info every time. Just use your Visa Checkout login to pay and that’s it.
  • Secure: Shop worry-free. Your information is secure.


Don’t have an ACU Visa® card? Click here to find out more about our ACU Visa® credit and debit card options.