ACU Staff Gives Back

ACU is committed to supporting local communities.  We believe that supporting the place people call home is just as important as ensuring our members have the best rates and financial services. We’re hard-working, honest, and, above all, fiercely loyal to our members — and we encourage our employees to join us in our mission! Recently, one of our team members, Cindy wanted to help make a difference in her local community, and the ACU staff helped her reach her goal.

Prior to taking a trip back home to Thailand, ACU Member Solutions representative Cindy P., discussed her intent to purchase and provide a clean water well with her department. The ACU Member Solutions team was on board to donate what they could, but Jennifer, Cindy’s Manager, had other plans. Jennifer collected donations from the entire ACU staff, surprising her with a grand total of $1,100.

“When I got to Thailand, my cousin had a list of people who did not have a well at their home. Each day I was in the village, my cousin and I would go to the homes receiving their new well to see the progress being made. If a water main can be found, it takes about a day for a well to be installed. Each and every family that was provided a well was so happy and grateful, you could hear it in their voices.” Cindy said of her trip.

On behalf of everyone at ACU, thank you Cindy for your kindness and generosity, and thanks to the ACU team for helping support Cindy and provide clean water to families in Thailand!


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