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Get Started With EasyVest
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  • $200 minimum to open investment account.
  • There is an account management fee charged.  It is based on a percentage (0.6% per year, 0.15% per quarter) of the value of your investments. This fee is subject to a minimum fee of $1.50 per quarter.
  • Only available to ACU members via Online and Mobile Banking.
  • Only the primary account holder can open an EasyVest account.
  • Not available on business or trust accounts.

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Start With Just $200

Say goodbye to high minimums for opening deposits. With EasyVest, open an account with as little as $200

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Automated Management

EasyVest takes the legwork out of investment decisions. Your portfolio is continuously being analyzed and rebalanced based on real data, and you can find it all on your phone.

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Recommendations for You

Answer a few basic questions about yourself so EasyVest can better understand your goals. From there, you will get an investment plan and strategy that isn’t tailored for anyone else. It’s for you.

Investing Made Easy

Recurring Transfers

The best way to ensure that you are setting enough aside for your investment goals? Automate it. You can set up recurring transfers from your account right into your EasyVest portfolio.

Get Set Up in Minutes

Getting started is easy. Follow the below steps in order to start investing today:

  1. Become ACU member: Join Now
  2. Login to Online Banking (ACU: Online Banking (youracu.org))
  3. Accounts > EasyVest
  4. Select Member Account (if you have more than one membership account with ACU)
  5. Follow steps to setup either:
    1. Investment Account
    2. Retirement Account
    3. Joint Account
  6. Answer questions regarding plans/use for funds, and aggressiveness tolerance
  7. Choose funding source
  8. Accept Terms & Conditions
  9. Finish
Easily Access Your Account From Online Banking

Once you have set up your account, accessing your portfolio is simple:

  1. Login to Online Banking (ACU: Online Banking (youracu.org))
  2. Accounts > EasyVest
  3. Select Member Account (if you have more than one membership account with ACU)
  4. EasyVest dashboard will populate within Online Banking platform
Easily Access Your Account From Our Mobile App

Once you have set up your account, accessing your portfolio from the ACU Mobile App is easy:

  1. Login to the ACU Mobile Banking App
  2. Select the menu icon in the top corner of app
  3. Select EasyVest
  4. Your EasyVest dashboard will populate within the app


EasyVest FAQs – General

Is there a minimum amount required to use EasyVest?

The minimum initial deposit required is $200. Once you open your account, you must maintain a balance of at least $200.

Are there any fees?

There is an account management fee of 0.6% per year (0.15% per quarter) of the value of your investments. The fee is subject to a minimum of $1.50 per quarter.

Is it possible that I could lose money?

With any investment, there is a risk that you may lose your investment. Should the market value of your account decline, your account may lose value. However, portfolios managed within an EasyVest account are rebalanced monthly to maintain the level of risk that aligns with a member’s goals.

What if I have any questions?

You may email a client service specialist at InvestSupport@AccessSoftek.com.

Who can open an account?

Only the primary account holder may open an EasyVest account.

How can I change my address and update contact info?

Contact information for your investment account is automatically pulled from your online/mobile banking account. Any time you make an update to your contact information inside digital banking, that information will automatically sync with your investment account the next time that you open the investment portal. If you ever have issues with the contact information on your account, you can contact support at investsupport@accesssoftek.com.

EasyVest FAQs – Managing Your Portfolio

Where can I find my investment portfolios?

Please log in to your Credit Union online account. In the navigation bar, find the Accounts tab. Select the Investment Portfolio tab under Accounts. From there you can see Portfolio Overview, Transactions, eStatements, and Settings pages for you to track your investment account.

Where can I check my portfolio performance?

Please go to Portfolio Overview page, where you can find Portfolio Balance, Portfolio Performance, Total Earnings, and Holdings Details. Please note that we allocate around 3% cash reserve in your portfolio for fee collection and general liquidity purposes. When we calculate the total gains for you, this 3% cash reserve is also included.

Where can I find my monthly statements, trade confirmations and tax documents for my investment account?

All documents are available online. Please go to the Transactions page where you can view these forms.

Where can I find my investment account number?

Please go to Settings page, and click the Show My Account Number button.

What investment portfolios does EasyVest provide?

We offer a variety of different portfolio composed of lower-cost, broad index, passive Exchange Traded Funds. We currently use BlackRock iShares passive ETFs.  Portfolios contain between 4 and 10 broadly diversified Index ETFs. Each portfolio is diversified to reflect the client’s individual time horizon, risk tolerance and investment objectives. The longer your time horizon and the greater your risk tolerance, the more likely your portfolio will contain a broader selection of domestic and international stock and bond ETFs.

Can I switch to other investment portfolios?

You can switch your portfolio by updating your profile. Please go to Settings page and click Update preferences button to update your preferred risk tolerance and time horizon. We will provide a new portfolio suggestion after we receive your updated profile.

How many investment accounts can I own?

You can open as many investment accounts with us as you like.  This means you could save for a down payment, your child’s education, and your retirement all at the same time.

Can I open a joint investment account?  

Yes, please enter the email address for the joint user when you start the investment account opening process. Our system will send out the invite to the user. After the application is complete you will both enjoy joint access to this investment account.

Can I open a company, partnership or LLC investment account?

As of December, 2021, Company, partnership and LLC accounts are not available. We value your feedback and may be able to offer this in the future based on our customers’ needs.

Can I open a Custodial account?

We are currently in the process of rolling out Custodial Account availability.  We hope to make custodial accounts available in early 2022.  This will allow you to open an investment account on behalf of a minor.  Custodial accounts are a great way to help the younger generation save money and learn about investing.

EasyVest FAQs – Transfers & Withdrawals

Can I make a recurring transfer into my investment account? 

Yes, you can set up an automatically recurring transfer. Our maximum recurring transfer amount is $5,000. Funding frequency options for recurring transfer are:

  • Every 2nd Monday of a month
  • 15th of every month
  • First day of a month
  • Daily (every business day)
  • At the beginning of each calendar quarter


Can I withdraw or transfer funds from my account?

Yes. Beginning 30 days after you open your account, you may withdraw some or all of your account at any time. For example, if you deposit $500 on 7/1 and $800 on 8/1, you would be able to withdraw $500 on 7/31 and $ 800 on 8/31.

Are there any dollar limits or fees if I transfer funds out of my account?

We charge $0.25 for each withdrawal and there are no limits on the number of times you can withdraw. There is an ACH transfer limit of $110,000 per transfer.

How can I withdraw from my investment account? 

You can withdraw the funds in your investment account by opening the investment portal and navigating to the Transfers & History tab.  It can take 3-5 business days for the transactions to be fully processed due to the time required to buy/sell the securities and move the money to or from your checking/savings account, which happens via ACH transfer. Your account will typically be required to sell securities to fund a withdrawal.  A sale of securities will likely result in taxable gain or loss for you. You should consult with your own tax advisers before deciding to withdraw funds from your account.

If you make significant withdrawals from your investment account before the estimated time horizon you provided during account creation, your account may not perform as intended.  An early withdrawal may result in a loss of principal or subpar performance. The larger the time differential from your stated time horizon, the greater the likelihood of loss or underperformance might be.

Are there any limits on when I can withdraw from my investment account?  

All deposits into the investment account have a 30 day hold to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. After this 30 day hold expires, you may withdraw some or all of your funds at any time. It can take 3-5 business days for the funds to appear back in your checking/savings account.

What is ACAT?

ACATS method (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service), which automates transfers of assets and cash between brokerage firms. Generally, an ACATS transfer is faster and more convenient than other types of transfers. All the assets will be transferred in kind, liquidated once received and reinvested into target portfolio.

How does ACAT work?

All the assets will be transferred in kind, liquidated once received and reinvested into target portfolio. Thus, there could be tax consequences for this action. Please note that if you transfer assets that our broker does not support, your transfer will fail. You may find the list of supported instruments here https://help.drivewealth.com/article/14-drivewealths-product-list. Once you submit the request, it may take up to 2-3 weeks before it gets fulfilled. To help us start working on your request, please provide your institution DTC number and carrying account number.

How can I start an ACAT?

For new investors, please start to transfer assets in Transfer Funds page (Step 9 of 11). Click “I would like to transfer my assets to EasyVest” and set up your transfer by providing your DTC number of the organization and source account number. For investors who currently have an investment account with us, please click Investment on the navigation menu and go to Transfer Funds page. Select the portfolio you wish to transfer and set up your transfer by providing us the DTC number of the organization and Source account number. We will ask you a few questions about your current firm, so it helps to have a statement handy.

Not NCUSIF insured. No Credit Union Guarantee. Not a deposit. May lose value. Not insured by any federal government agency. America’s Credit Union has contracted with Access Softek Advisory Services LLC (“Access Softek”) to make non-deposit investment products available to you. DriveWealth LLC, a SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC, holds the investment accounts. Investment Advisor Representatives are registered through Access Softek.