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Leave your old wallet at home and use your preferred e-payment brand to make fast, safe, contactless purchases.

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Make Shopping Safe and Simple With a Digital Wallet

We’ve all misplaced our wallet from time to time, or brought the wrong card with us to the store. Physical wallets are clunky and stuffed full of items you no longer need. Meanwhile, physical credit and debit cards wear out and expire. Plus, they can be stolen and used for fraudulent purposes.

Now, there’s a better option. Keep electronic versions of all your cards in the digital wallet app on your phone. Load your card information just once then start using your preferred form of e-payment: VISA checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Digital Wallet Offers:


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Say goodbye to fumbling through your wallet for the right card. Sign up for your favorite form of electronic payment and make quick, safe purchases through your phone.


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Your account information will be securely contained in your digital wallet app. Access the app on your phone or other device using your chosen passcode or Face ID for maximum security.

Wide Acceptance

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Increasing numbers of retailers are no longer accepting cash or checks, while navigating point-of-sale machines can be confusing. Switch to digital today to be prepared for tomorrow.


Digital Wallet

Apple Pay

If you’re an iPhone user, you can keep all your bank cards, IDs, boarding passes, and tickets in your Apple Wallet and use ApplePay to make contactless purchases. Learn More

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Google Pay

Widely accepted at all your favorite places, Google Pay also lets you send and receive money instantly. Plus, you can earn rewards on everyday payments. 

Learn More

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Samsung Pay

Simply load all your cards onto your device and enjoy integrated shopping with all the major U.S. financial institutions, including your local credit union.  

Learn More

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VISA Checkout

Sign up for the service once and you won’t ever have to enter your card number, expiry date, and CVV digit ever again. You’ll need your username and password only. 

Learn More

Top Digital Wallet FAQs

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet, also known as an e-wallet, is a secure money management app or online platform that allows you to make purchases, transfer, or send money. Digital wallets store credit card information and facilitate transactions by transferring money from your credit card or bank account to another bank account.

Can I still use my physical card if I have a digital wallet?

Yes. Absolutely. Digital wallets only give you added flexibility and payment functionality.

Do I need to sign up with all the e-pay providers or can I choose just one?

You can choose just one or multiple providers. Generally, it makes most sense to choose the payment provider that comes with your smartphone, though.

Do I need to start over if I change my card or my phone?

No. Each e-pay provider gives you the flexibility to change your credit card or phone at any time. To do either takes a simple update.

Why is a digital wallet safer than a regular wallet?

Once you upload your credit card information in your payment provider’s app, your data is encrypted and cannot be seen by merchants or anyone else. But when you use a physical credit card, your number can be seen and stolen with each transaction you make.

Do I have to pay a fee to make payments with my digital wallet?

Not usually. But you should carefully review the terms and conditions for the payment provider you choose to use.


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