Children’s Savings

ACU offers programs to help kids learn valuable financial habits that can last a lifetime.
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Teen Checking

Young adults between the ages of 13 and 17 can open a Teen Checking account when a qualified ACU member signs on as a joint account holder. A Teen Checking account includes:

See our current deposit rates.

Tree Fort Savings Club

The Tree Fort Club allows kids 12 years of age or younger to open their own savings account with a minimum initial deposit of just $1 and a qualified adult ACU member as a joint owner on the account. Then, each time the child makes a deposit, they get a sticker. Plus, they can earn prizes for reaching the following deposit levels*:

  • $200 – dog tag
  • $400 – piggy bank
  • $600 – water bottle
  • $800 – lunch sack
  • $1,000 – stuffed toy

All new accounts also receive a register to record transactions, a quarter saver, membership card, Tree Fort certificate, and a coloring book with crayons. See our current deposit rates.

*A prize level may only be reached once and may not be reclaimed if you fall below the deposit prize level and reach the level again. Prizes are subject to change without notice.


What Our Members Have To Say

Personal Banking 7
ACU really takes good care of its members, without the big bank nonsense.
We have banked with ACU through both tours at Fort Lewis. The service has been awesome. Their branch staff has extended some of the best customer service and directions to processes. Thank you ACU for the great service.
Fort Sill