Easy Ways To Save Money On Pets

As much as we love our pets, sometimes a tight budget doesn’t allow us to give them everything they need. Sadly, cost is one of the top reasons people give up their pets. In honor of Love Your Pet Day on February 20th, we gathered a few ways you can manage the cost of pet care and plan for the worst financial scenarios.

  1. Don’t Shop. Safe yourself some serious cash before you even take your best friend home! Local shelters and rescue groups are a great option for future pet owners on a budget. Some local shelters will even waive the adoption fee on special weekends.
  2. Train them yourself. While this can be time consuming, it’ll be time well spent! Do your research on the temperament of your pet’s breed and how to best train them. Animal behavior centers and popular pet brands often give free training advice on their blogs. Your best friend will be shaking paws in no time!
  3. Keep them healthy! While the costs of their vet visits and vaccines can pile up, it’s cheaper compared to an emergency. Keep everyday costs down by comparing prices on nearby veterinarians and shopping for certain medicines online. Also make sure your pet is getting enough exercise for their breed and that you’re grooming them regularly. Check out YouTube for some tips on grooming your pet yourself.
  4. DIY Toys & Treats. These can be very expensive at the pet store (in fact, most things are). Do some research and craft them on your own or scout the manufacturer’s website for coupons! Check out this list for DIY dog toys, and this site for DIY treat recipes!
  5. Think Twice About Pet Insurance. If you own a breed that is more susceptible to health issues, this might seem like a smart idea. But if your pet is at a higher risk, most insurance policies will require a higher premium. A better idea? Prepare for an emergency by opening a savings account with a decent interest rate. Deposit a small amount monthly instead of paying high insurance premiums and save up a hefty amount in no time. If your pet doesn’t get sick, you have a healthy pet and an account full of cash – a win-win!

If you’re thinking of adopting a pet soon, a great idea would be to save first. Figure out how much money you would need up front and aim to save that much by your goal date. Need help? ACU offers a Performance Saver Account that can help you commit to your goals. Before you know it, you’ll have a new best friend!

Happy Love Your Pet Day from ACU!

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