For the Love Foundation and ACU

ACU has always been connected to our community. While a large percentage of our charitable efforts have been rooted in military causes, we also support other important charities. 4 The Love is an amazing organization with deep connections to ACU and the South Sound.

The current President, Courtney Prothero passionately leads the team dedicated to bringing hope and service to those most in need in Thurston County. She also happens to be the wife of ACU President Phil Prothero. You will often find Phil working at events by her side.

The Vice President is Tessa Effland. She is a co-founder of 4 The Love and is also a business member of ACU! She is an amazing, energetic force, who combines family, business and charity into her daily life.

Charli Terminelli serves as the Communication & Media Coordinator and is the AVP of Business Development for America’s Credit Union, a dedicated community volunteer, and active board member.

Maxey Ryan-Brooks is the Secretary and is also the manager of the DuPont ACU branch. She is known for her professionalism, high standards and passion for service. Whether she is at the branch helping members or serving those most in need, she brings the same level of care and service.

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