Military Saves Week

Military Saves Week is a yearly tradition, encouraging smart savings habits for service members and their families. Military Saves is a component of the nonprofit, America Saves, and is a resource to the Department of Defense’s Financial Readiness Network. Some of the key takeaways that MSW teaches are: Creating an emergency fund, making a personal savings plan, saving a portion of each paycheck, establishing good credit, and setting SMART goals.

In 2019, ACU was proud to be a supporter for another year of saving. During the classes offered on JBLM, ACU was present on-site to offer any financial advice and counseling needed by the service members. The ACU Performance Saver Account was promoted to help service members create these better savings habits. In 2019, the following classes were offered on JBLM: Credit Clinic, Retirement Planning & Thrift Savings Plan, Estate Planning, and Million Dollar Service Member.

ACU is already looking forward to Military Saves Week in 2020, in hopes to change the lives of our service members for the better.

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