Online Banking

You can enjoy the convenience of 24-hour access to your ACU accounts through the Internet. Accessing your accounts on the internet is accurate, fully secured, convenient, and easily fits into your lifestyle. For details see our Membership and Account Agreement.

Sign up for Online Banking using our eServices Application. Once you receive a password, you can login at and enjoy a variety of services, including:

Quicken/QuickBooks – Are you an avid Quicken or QuickBooks user? If so, it’s easy to download your ACU transactions into Quicken/QuickBooks to keep your finances on track. ACU members may view their account history through personal financial management software. Using Quicken/QuickBooks software, you can select ‘ACU – America’s Credit Union’ as a listed financial institution, input your ACU Online Banking User Name and Password, and retrieve your account data directly to Quicken or QuickBooks. For questions about using Quicken or QuickBooks, please contact their software customer support line. There is no monthly fee for Quicken or QuickBooks downloads. You must be enrolled in ACU’s online banking to download your account information and use a version of the Quicken/QuickBooks software that has been released within the last few years. Please Contact ACU if you have questions about getting started.

eAlerts – Have alerts sent to your email address or cell phone in a text message. Simply login to online banking and follow the prompts to sign up for eAlerts. Available eAlerts include: Low balance, NSF, Overdraft Protection, Overdraft Transfer, Direct Deposit, Low Available Credit, Loan Payment Due, and Maturing Certificate of Deposit.

eBills – Enroll in eBills with qualified vendors through our online bill pay system to receive full and summarized versions of your bills online. There is a column in the online bill payment center for eBills. Vendors that offer eBills will have the words Bill Available in the column. Simply click on Enroll. Its that easy!

eNotices – With eNotices you will receive electronic copies of traditionally mailed notices such as NSF or loan payment reminder. An email will be sent to your eStatement email address within two business days of the notice date notifying you of the availability to view the notice online via eStatements. eNotices will be available to view for at least 90 days. This service is convenient and secure. You can sign up for eNotices through Online Banking.

eStatements – Whats paperless, fast and just a click away? eStatements! eStatements are a perfect complement to transacting your ACU business online, and here is why: eliminates paper waste of hard copy statements, arrives quicker than paper statements, you can view and print your statements anytime online, and eliminates the risk of your statement getting lost in the mail or falling into the wrong hands. Set your eStatement Preferences in online banking to electronic.

eTax Forms – There’s no need to scramble to find credit union tax forms during tax season. With eTax Forms you can view and print your most current tax forms in Online Banking as soon as the documents are available. You will know right where your forms are when you need them. To enroll set your eTax Form setting to electronic under eStatement Preferences Online Banking.

Money HQ/Account Aggregation – Money HQ lets you view all your online accounts from different financial institutions together, in one secure and convenient location. Enrollment in Money HQ is free through online bill pay and there are no monthly service fees to view your online accounts from other institutions. Money HQ logs into your online financial accounts on your behalf, using the login information you provide during setup. Your account information is securely transmitted from these sites and displayed in the Detailed View of Money HQ. With Money HQ you can monitor your accounts at a glance, receive account balance alerts, easily track credit card transactions, view account statements frequently, and securely transfer money between different institutions ($2 money movement fee applies).

Browser, OS and Platform Requirements – ACU supports the following internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer Version 5.5 and higher with JavaScript enabled (Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 for (Windows, Mac, Unix)
  • Safari v1.2 and higher for (Mac)

Due to the amount of browsers and operating systems on the market today, we are unable to test and support all versions, other platforms maybe compatible but optimal viewing and navigation may not occur. This list was based on the most popular browsers used to view this site.

  • AOL version 7.0 and higher
  • Firefox 1.0
  • Google Chrome
  • Netscape versions 7.0 and higher for Mac
  • Netscape Navigator 7.0 and higher
  • Opera
  • Safari 1.0