Visa Balance Transfer

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    You must already have an ACU Visa Card in order to take advantage of this great balance transfer rate.
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    I understand that I must have ample funds available on my credit line in order for you to pay the creditors listed below. If I do not have enough credit available, I understand that you will pay as many creditors as possible with the amount I have indicated in the order they are listed below. I also understand that a representative from ACU will be contacting me added security prior to my creditors being paid.
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  • Balance Transfer Disclosure

    Offer applies only to balances transferred with cash advances done by America's Credit Union (ACU) to pay off existing balances with other creditors. There is no grace period for cash advance transactions; interest is charged from the date of posting. If you accept the balance transfer offer and continue to use the card to make new purchases in subsequent billing cycles, you will not be able to avoid paying interest charges on those charges unless you repay the entire balance in full, including any promotional balances, by the statement due date. The Home Equity Visa is excluded from this promotion. All payments and credits will be applied first to any fees or interest (old and new). Your other debt account(s) will not be closed by ACU (even if you transfer your entire balance). If you wish to close other accounts, please contact the creditor. You should make at least your minimum payment on any card on which you are transferring a balance until you receive confirmation from the creditor that your balance transfer payment has been received, ACU is not responsible for late payments on other debt account(s). In the event that your request(s) exceed the amount of your credit line, then ACU will fulfill your requests in numeric order as listed on your request. ACU may decline to process one or more requests and/or may complete one request in a partial amount.

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