Welcome to Fall

As we move into the fall season, it seems appropriate to reflect on the challenging spring and summer we have all shared. Throughout the Covid Pandemic, ACU has done our best to maintain contact with you and provide the best service possible while maintaining safe business practices. This has meant altering our branch flow, adding plexiglass shields, moving some staff to better maintain distances and other preventative measures. You have responded terrifically, meeting every change with patience and understanding. In fact, we have actually been able to grow checking accounts and balances during this trying time.

Members have done an excellent job of maintaining communication with us when potential problems have arisen. We have been able to head off many of them, simply by having an open dialogue.  Our business members have dealt with their own set of challenges. Many of them were forced to temporarily close their doors while they complied with changing rules. Restaurants were particularly hard hit and we have done our best to support them by working through their PPP loans as well as reminding our membership to drive by for some take out if they could. Again, thank you to everyone who has patronized our friends in the business community.

As we open more of our schools and businesses, we will continue to do our utmost to continue to provide high service and communication. Branches, drive-ups and the phone center have always remained open and will continue to do so. We have also become experts in video conferencing so if you have a need to speak with an ACU Representative, we will find a way to accommodate you!

Thank you for your membership and continued trust.