Welcome to Winter

Welcome to 2021 and the Roaring 20’s! Some say that the new decade started in 2020 but it seems appropriate to start fresh and say goodbye to 2020 as the last gasp of the Teens. 2020 was the year we learned of new phrases like mRNA, PPP, social distancing, Cytokine storm, CFR, droplet transmission and more. We went from flattening the curve to locking down and have struggled between the common good and individual rights. We have seen tragedy, peaceful protests, riots, and reconciliation. Heroes have emerged and others have missed the call. For the staff, membership, and extended family of ACU it has been exhausting.

Through it all, ACU has remained open and available for our members. We have increased our communication through our social media channels and member outreach. Our business team has been in constant contact with their members assessing their needs, helping with government programs, and providing assistance. Our mortgage department has been incredibly busy in what has turned out to be our strongest year. Also, our IT Department has done an incredible amount of work upgrading systems, enhancing security, and making it easier to communicate with each other.

As a designated “essential” service provider, our staff has dealt with the uncertainty of public exposure. Our facilities department has done an outstanding job of accommodating our branches and workspaces to continue to work in a safe manner. Office spaces were moved, plexiglass separators have been installed and enhanced cleaning is a new constant. Our staff has been incredible. They continue to do their work whether they are working from home, in a new department, floating to another branch, or just accommodating the most recent mandates.

Finally, we must thank our members. They have been patient, supportive and loyal. With every change we have had to make, they have responded with grace and positivity. For the hundreds of new members that joined in 2020, welcome and thank you for trusting ACU with your finances. For those of us who have been members longer than that, we have been through many changes together and we continue to appreciate you so much. We look forward to growing together in this new decade.