Buying vs. Renting

I’m looking at getting a mortgage. How much should I budget for my monthly payment?

  • Housing costs vary from city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood, so using your current rent combined with the amount you’re saving for a down payment and your renter’s insurance is probably a good guide for how much you’ll be able to afford for a mortgage payment and homeowner’s insurance.
  • Spending too much on your housing is a rough hole to dig out of, but it’s much easier when you own rather than renting. A recent Harvard study reported that nearly half of renters are “cost burdened” because their rent exceeded 30% of their income, while one in four renters pay more than half of their income for rent. With a mortgage, you gain flexibility by developing equity, but it’s still wise to avoid spending one-third or more of your income on your housing costs.
  • If you choose an affordable place now, you can save money for a down payment on a bigger place down the road.

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