Yard Sales

Years ago, alchemists had a dream of changing other elements into gold. Changing your old junk into money might seem as far-fetched, at first, but with just a bit of work, it’s possible. Sounds too good to be true? Just think of the last time you shopped at a yard sale. That beautiful vase you found to match your kitchen tablecloth was somebody else’s garbage. So, take a look around. Are things you no longer want or need filling every nook and cranny of your garage and attic and starting to invade your house as well? Then, maybe it’s time for a yard sale.

You’ll have to pick a weekend, and get the rest of the family to pitch in. Go through closets for clothing nobody wears, and sort through all the stuff that just accumulates in the house and takes up space. This might seem daunting, but it’ll be a great clean-up as well. Then, make things look presentable. Wash clothing and dishes, and make the easy repairs yourself.

Some things might now look so appealing you might actually decide to keep them yourself! Then decide on the prices. They should be reasonable, according to the items’ condition and retail price when new. If something is in good working condition one-fifth of the retail price is acceptable. You can even add some fun perks, such as “Buy One Get One Free” to attract customers. Make sure to price the items clearly and have the kids take care of the advertising. You’ll have to be clear as to the location and time of the sale. Making colorful signs can be fun for the whole family. Make sure to spread the word. You might even want to put something in the paper. Once everything is in place you’ll have earned money . . . and have a clutter-free home, too!


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