Break Up With Your Bank – Stay Local

We know breakups are hard, but what if you could be much happier somewhere else? It’s time to let go of your big bank and move on to somewhere you can be truly happy – your local credit union!

Here are 4 BIG reasons to love your local credit union:

Benefits of Banking Local

  1. Low rates & less fees. Approximately 63% of small banks & credit unions offer free checking. They also boast low balance requirements and overdraft fees. Not to mention, there are several credit union ATM networks that allow you to withdraw money without a fee — even if you’re far away from your local branch.
  2. Focused on the local economy. Big banking institutions often make it difficult for small businesses to borrow money. In fact, they only devote a very small percentage of their commercial loan portfolios to small businesses. Local banks provide small businesses with the affordable loans they need to get up and running.These businesses then create local jobs!
  3. Special interest in their communities. At ACU, we host a yearly Turkey Shoot Golf Scramble. Last year, we raised $60,000 for the JBLM Charities! Around the country, local credit unions host food drives, volunteer together, and host/sponsor a number of community events – all centered around promoting a healthy, growing, and united community.
  4. They appreciate their members. If you’ve ever tried calling a big bank for customer service, you know what we’re talking about. Credit Unions place a great deal of importance on their members (they’re member-owned, after all) and because of that, our level of customer service is unparalleled.

ACU knows the importance of customer service and community enrichment. Which is why we’ve partnered with ClickSWITCH to make it easier than ever to migrate your recurring transactions to ACU. In just four simple steps, you can switch to a local credit union that’s committed to serving and making a difference in our community.

It’s time to break up with your old bank and fall head over heels for ACU!

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