Make A New Year’s Resolution For Your Money

The start of a New Year often means working to do better at everything from fitness to family to finances. This year, almost 80% of Americans are making money-related resolutions that can change their lives for the better. According to this recent survey, here are the top five ways Americans plan on getting ahead in 2018:

  1. Save more money each month (40%)
  2. Pay off credit card debt (32%)
  3. Reduce spending (31%)
  4. Sock away more for retirement (27%)
  5. Build an emergency fund (21%)

If you are too scared to think about your finances after the holiday season, know that the sooner you start saving money, the easier it gets! In fact, research shows that those who resolve to improve their money behavior at the start of the year get ahead at a faster rate than those who do not.

But resolving to save more money or pay off debt is only half the battle – you actually have to take steps each month to do it! Setting specific goals like “put $50 into my savings account each month” is one way to stay on track and make sure you are sticking to your resolution. Another is to automate your savings to make reaching your goal even easier! You can set up automatic transfers between your ACU checking account and your savings account, or even make it part of your employer direct deposit.

If you are a first-time saver or if you have been putting off saving money for a while, the ACU Performance Saver account is a great way to get started, and makes saving money super easy! Here’s how it works: you set a goal to work toward – like a car or a down payment on a house, then open a Performance Saver account.  Just make the minimum deposit of $10 per month for 12 months. Not only will your money grow, but you’ll earn more money and a great rate! The best part is you can open a Performance Saver account online and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

So, what are you waiting for? Making a few small changes to your money habits can pay big dividends throughout 2018, and the ACU Performance Saver account is a super easy way to get started! Click to apply online today or give us a call at 253-964-3113.

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