ACH Transfer FAQs

Learn How to Set up, Send and Receive External ACHs

Creating an External Account Payee

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Add a Payee
  3. Add External Financial Institution Routing and Account number
  4. Verify External Financial Institution Routing and Account number
  5. Verify Micro Deposit Information
    • Log into External Financial Institution and Retrieve Two Deposit Amounts
  6. Confirm Micro Deposits in ACU Online Banking
  7. Enter Micro Deposit Amounts

Making a Transfer To and From an External Account


  1. Go to the Transfer Screen
  2. Choose which Account the Funds are Coming From
  3. Choose an External Account
    • Transfers can be made to and from External Accounts
  4. Enter a Dollar Amount to Transfer
  5. To Schedule the Transfer
    • You can Send the Transfer now, Schedule a one-time transfer for a later time or schedule a reoccurring transfer
  6. Enter a Transfer Memo (Optional)
  7. Click Schedule Transfer
  8. Confirm your Transfer


Deleting or Editing a Scheduled Transfer

  1. Go to the Scheduled Transfer Tab
  2. Click the Transfer Dropdown
  3. Click Remove Transfer to Delete
    • This will delete the transfer. Continue to follow steps to learn how to edit a transfer.
    • Confirm Transfer is Deleted
  4. Click Edit Transfer to Edit
    • Change the Dollar Amount (optional)
    • Change the Date (optional)
    • Make the Transfer Repeating (optional)
    • Change the Memo (optional)
  5. Save Changes