Setting Financial Goals for the New Year

As we enter 2023, it’s a great time to start thinking about what financial goals you want to set for yourself this year. Whether you’re looking to pay off debt or save more money, setting concrete financial goals can help you stay on track and make your dreams a reality. Here are some tips from ACU on how to set financial resolutions that you can stick with in the new year.

Creating Achievable Goals
When creating your financial goals, make sure they’re realistic and achievable. It’s easy to get carried away when making New Year’s resolutions, but if you don’t think your plans through and create achievable goals, it will be difficult to stay motivated over the course of the year. This could be anything from making additional payments towards one credit card balance each month, to saving an extra $50 a week.

Setting Deadlines
Once you have created achievable financial goals, set deadlines for yourself so that you can measure your progress throughout the year. For example, if one of your goals is to pay off all of your credit card debt by the end of 2023, break down that goal into monthly or quarterly milestones that will help keep you motivated and on track for success. You’ll also be able to reward yourself at each milestone as well!

Staying On Track
Now that you have set achievable goals and deadlines for yourself, it’s important to stay on track throughout the year – even when life gets busy, or things don’t go according to plan. One way to stay focused is by creating a budget and tracking your expenses every month so that you know exactly where your money is going and make sure it’s being used wisely. Setting up automatic deposits to a Performance Saver savings account is a great way to ensure you meet your monthly savings goals. Sharing your plans with friends or family members can also help keep you accountable when it comes to reaching those financial milestones!

What better way is there than starting fresh in 2023 with new financial resolutions? ACU wants everyone in our community to be successful in their finances this year which is why we are providing these tips on how to create achievable financial resolutions that will help guide us through this upcoming year! With commitment and dedication towards reaching these new milestones, 2023 will certainly be a great year financially!

Best wishes from all of us at America’s Credit Union!

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