Want To Save Money in 2018? Bank With A Credit Union!

It’s easy to confuse credit unions with banks. Both types of financial institutions offer similar services like checking and savings accounts and even look similar when you step inside. However, banks and credit unions are actually very different and depending on your needs, moving to a credit union could save you some serious money! Read on to learn 5 reasons you should ditch your big bank and switch to a credit union today.

  1. Credit Unions Are Not For Profit

Unlink banks, credit unions like America’s Credit Union are not-for-profit. This means instead of paying large dividends to outside stockholders, we put the interests of our members first.

  1. Credit Unions Offer Better Rates

As a not-for-profit credit union, our earnings are returned to our members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest rates on deposits and lower fees. This means you can get a lower rate on your next auto loan, save when you go to buy a home, and earn more money when you invest your savings with us.

  1. Lower Fees

It seems counter-productive to pay to access your own money, right? Credit unions are non-profit, and do not have to charge you near as many fees as banks do to stay in business. At ACU, our monthly checking and savings accounts offer the same conveniences as big banks like online banking, mobile apps, online bill pay and more, without the monthly service charges.

  1. Community Is A Priority

Credit unions are known for their personalized service and community engagement. It’s common for them to give out scholarships, donations and grants, or host concerts and volunteer events.

With big banks you’re just a number, but at a credit union you are a member. As a member, you have the right to vote on our policies and Board of Directors. You have a say. This member driven focus means better and more personalized customer service.

  1. More Perks

When you join a credit union like ACU, you won’t have to sacrifice account conveniences that you’re already used to – in fact you can get more. At ACU we offer everything you need in a fast, easy electronic format. We offer mobile apps to make managing your cards and accounts easy, plus a variety of online services like online bill pay, mobile deposit, Visa checkout, digital wallet and more to make your life easier! Plus, as a member of ACU, you can take advantage of our 30,000+ surcharge-free ATM’s!


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