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Performance Saver

Know you should save, but think you can’t? Don’t think of saving as denying yourself the things you want. Instead, think of it as a layaway plan. By setting specific goals, you can consider it as simply deferring your spending. Set short term goals like buying a new car or taking a vacation, and long-term goals for such things as a down payment on a house. Then open a Performance Saver account at ACU.

The Performance Saver account is designed to meet your savings goals with required monthly deposits and a maturity date of 12 months. Just make the minimum deposit of $10 per month for 12 months. Not only will your contributions help your money grow, but you can earn a great rate with Performance Saver. When your account reaches maturity, it will automatically renew or you can make plans prior to maturity to have the funds transferred to your regular share account.

ACU’s Performance Saver Account is the perfect complement to the America Saves program. Join over 390,000 Americans and take the America Saves pledge online.

$10 minimum opening amount required. A minimum daily balance of $10 is required to earn the current Annual Percentage Yield. Maximum of $2,500 total deposits in any monthly period but you must make at least a minimum of $10 in deposits every month. If the account does not receive the minimum monthly deposit the dividend rate will default to the Regular Share rate. No withdrawals are allowed before maturity. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Penalties may reduce earnings.

Contact ACU for more information.

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